The purpose of Pool of expertise is to facilitate conversion to BERAS system of agriculture, support implementation and help solving problems encountered in the process.

Pool of expertise consists of the network of project partners, associated organisations and other connected institutions and experts. Knowledge and experience is offered in the areas of Ecological Regenerative Agriculture, Sustainable Food Societies, Diet for a Clean Baltic and research and education related to these fields. 

Anyone seeking knowledge support in a field of expertise covered by one of the experts may contact this person directly. Arrangements concerning economic compensation, how the expertise is to be transferred etc. is to be worked out individually between the expert and the interested party.

Pool of expertise may also contribute to broadened and strengthened networks and alliances between key persons and institutions within the sectors of organic agriculture, rural development, environmental protection, and education.

The expertise has been divided into twelve categories. It is possible to search expertise based on these categories; based on home country of the expert and based on name of the expert. For any further general questions concerning Pool of expertise please contact: info@beras.eu

Pool of Expertise