Highly intensive and specialized agriculture endangers the environment of the Baltic Sea. BERAS Implementation contributes to solve this problem through a systemic shift to Ecological Regenerative Agriculture. Guidelines developed by scientists and advisors provide expertise for Ecological Regenerative Agriculture (ERA) to farmers and advisers as well as for the educational sector and decision makers.

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Farming Guidelines (Vol. 1) provide practical recommendations for ERA. They present agronomic measures and optimization strategies for effective nutrient recycling within and between farms during and after conversion. Software Tools help to improve crop rotation planning and nitrogen fluxes at farm level (see below). Stein-Bachinger, Reckling, Granstedt et al.


EconomicGuidelinesEconomic Guidelines (Vol. 2) give advice and support to farmers on how to plan the conversion process and highlight how the changes to ERA farming will affect the farm economy.
Reeder, Redelberger, Schmidt


MarketingGuidelinesMarketing Guidelines (Vol. 3) provide support and ideas to farmers on how to more effectively promote and sell organic and ERA products.
Jonczyk, Stalenga, Heinonen, Koreleska dlfhmkökldkfhödkflhpödkn,’öåsledågkdhkldgkh


FarmExamplesFarm Examples (Vol. 4) are a personal presentation of different farms around the Baltic Sea. They focus on the challenges and future plans of farms mainly in conversion to ERA.
Koker, Stein-Bachinger et al.



ERA Guidelines – Swedish version

Boxen1.pdf (1501 downloads)
1.-Inledning-inklusive-innehållsförteckning1.pdf (1339 downloads)
2.-Östersjöns-miljö-och-markbördigheten1.pdf (1599 downloads)
3.-Växtföljd-och-baljväxter.pdf (1580 downloads)
4. Gödsel och djurhållning.pdf (1527 downloads)
5. Våxtskydd.pdf (1281 downloads)
6. Fosfor.pdf (1422 downloads)
7. Gårdssamarbeten.pdf (1374 downloads)
8. ERA Programverktyg.pdf (1537 downloads)
9. Appendix.pdf (1097 downloads)

Ekonomi o Marknad
cover_ek+markn1.pdf (1013 downloads)
1.-Inledning-innehållsförteckning1.pdf (1176 downloads)
2.-Att-se-om-sitt-hus1.pdf (1409 downloads)
3.-Hur-du-bygger-ditt-nya-hus1.pdf (1499 downloads)
4.-Intäkter-och-kostnader-i-ekologisk-produktion-i-några-grannländer1.pdf (1241 downloads)
5.-Marknadsföring-marknad-strategier-kanaler-verktyg1.pdf (1400 downloads)
6.-Marknadsföringsexempel-Appendix1.pdf (1307 downloads)

cover_Lantbruk1.pdf (1287 downloads)
1.-Inledning-inklusive-innehållsförteckning.pdf (1148 downloads)
2.-Gårdsexempel-Vitryssland.pdf (1354 downloads)
3.-Gårdsexempel-Danmark.pdf (1228 downloads)
4.-Gårdsexempel-Estland.pdf (1397 downloads)
5.-Gårdsexempel-Finland.pdf (1291 downloads)
6.-Gårdsexempel-Polen.pdf (1422 downloads)
7. Gårdsexempel Sverige.pdf (1588 downloads)

ERA Guidelines – Danish version

ERA-DK-FarmG-ok.pdf (1143 downloads)

ERA Guidelines – Norwegian version

Økologisk-kretsløpsjordbruk-ØKJ.pdf (873 downloads)

ERA Guidelines – German version

BERAS_Betriebsbeispiele.pdf (1090 downloads)
BERAS_Betriebswirtschaft.pdf (1122 downloads)
BERAS_Pflanzenbau_Tierhaltung.pdf (1194 downloads)

ERA Guidelines – Estonian version

Farming-Guidelines-EST.pdf (1190 downloads)

ERA Guidelines – Lithuanian version

BERAS-education-materials.pdf (823 downloads)
farming_guidelines_June-2013.pdf (1023 downloads)
economic_guidelines_June-2013.pdf (873 downloads)
marketing_guidelines_June-2013.pdf (801 downloads)
farm-examples_June-2013.pdf (974 downloads)

ERA Guidelines – Russian version

Органическое-сельское-хозяйство-Том-1-русский-готовый-вариант.pdf (1220 downloads)

Software Tools

Software tools web page:

bauermitcomputer_fruchtfolg Nitrogen budget calculator
A tool to calculate Nitrogen budgets in organic forage systems
By: Bachinger, Reckling, Stein-BachingerDownload tool: English German

Download manual:
English German
bauer_kleegras ​Legume estimation trainer
A learning tool for a better estimation of the legume proportion in forages

By: Reckling, Stein-Bachinger, 

Start the training:
English German

Download manual:
English German
bauermitcomputer ROTOR
A tool to plan crop rotations in organic farming systems

By: Bachinger, Zander, Reckling

Download tool: English* German* (under preparation)

Download manual: English German

* To start the ROTOR program you need a password. Here you can order the password.