Ages 3-9

Liisi’s Farm

Teaching material for pupils up to third class by Anne Luik.  The goal is to bring the pupils understanding in organic food production process, role of different organisms in food chain, principles of local food society and recycling. For children 5-9 years old. In Estonian and English.


Liisi’s farm
Liisi talu

The green adventures of Fluffy the lamb

You can read online or download it here

Ekomat i skolan 

Ekomat i skolan (Organic food in school) is a web tool for school’s work with food, environment and health. Teachers, staff and students get inspiration and help to use food and school meals as an educational tool for sustainable development. Here are links, tips and suggestions how to practically act to reduce the environmental impact on the Baltic Sea and increase student participation in the work. Students, teachers and cooks at primary and secondary schools have together created Organic food in school and will develop the site continuously. In Swedish. English version coming soon.


We Share a Sea

Teaching material for pupils up to fifth class by Ulla Skovsböl and Eva Wulff. The goal is to make the pupils understand the connections between agriculture, food habits and environmental damage, and to see how you can influence by eating organic, locally produced food. In Estonian, Lithuanian, German, English, Danish and Swedish. Visit to learn more.


Meie ühine meri
Mes dalijamės jūra
Unser gemeinsames Meer
We Share a Sea
Vi deler et hav
Vi delar ett hav

Vandens lašo kelionė į Baltijos jūrą

Vandens lašo kelionė į Baltijos jūrą (The travel of a water drop to the Baltic Sea) is written for basic school teachers with a number of examples of school project works connected to Ecological Agriculture and Diet for a Clean Baltic. It is 145 pages long, with subtitles as”Problems of environmental protection in the Baltic Sea” and “About the farming friendlier to the Baltic Sea”. In Lithuanian

Download Vandens lašo kelionė į Baltijos jūrą