BERAS involves an international partnership and includes national and local authorities, universities and research institutes, advisory services, ecological and environmental NGOs, farmers’ organizations, food chain actors and finance institutions.

The objective is to develop realistic fully integrated ecological alternative for a systemic shift in the whole food chain from farmer to consumer and with the aim to revitalize agricultural and rural development sectors in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner with the Main Concepts as follows:

Ecological Regenerative Agriculture (ERA)
Ecological regenerative agriculture is based on the ecological principles of renewable resources, recycling and biodiversity which make the farm part of the ecosystem.
ERA integrates organic crop production and animal husbandry. The number of animals is balanced with the available farm land. Combined with the cultivation of leguminous grassland as part of the crop rotation the farm can reach a high degree of self-sufficiency in fodder and fertiliser.

Sustainable Food Societies (SFS)
Sustainable Food Societies are examples of local food clusters that are socially just, environmentally friendly and economically viable. They involve all actors in the food chain – from farmers to consumers. Farms and gardens that practice ecological regenerative agriculture (ERA) are central actors. These are connected to other actors, such as processors, wholesalers, distributers and consumers in local market clusters. Knowledge exchange is achieved through the ‘triple helix’ involving business sector, authorities, NGOs,  research and education. This creates favorable conditions for environmentally friendly food production, sustainable lifestyles and viable communities.

Diet for a Green Planet (Diet for a Clean Baltic)
The consumer engagement concept Diet for a Green Planet is based on the following criteria:

•        Food from ERA farms/ERA gardens (organic food )

•        Menues with less meat (20%)

•        Locally produced food

•        Food from the season

•        Reduction of food waste

Diet for a Green Planet offers a sustainable lifestyle with consumption of enough and good food without threatening the environment or the Planetary Boundaries.

Building Ecological Regenerative Agriculture and Societies

BERAS International works with agriculture and food systems that can feed the world while strengthening the carrying capacity of our ecosystems and preserving biodiversity for future generations. We combine research, innovation and entrepreneurship to develop and implement ecological alternatives for the whole food chain from farmer to consumer.

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