Policy programme reports

rapportbildlitenSustainable agriculture within the Baltic Sea Region:
– Do policy measures respond to policy objectives?






Policy-report---lowresPolicy Recommendations to Save the Baltic Sea
– Conversion to Ecological Recycling Agriculture Sea presents measures on transnational and national levels to promote a conversion to Ecological Recycling Agriculture (ERA) within the Baltic Sea region. It addresses international organizations, governments, authorities, NGOs, adviser agencies and farmers with the target to reduce negative environmental impacts of conventional agricultural methods by applying the ERA concept.



policy-interventions-for-ecological-recycling-agriculturePolicy Interventions for Ecological Recycling Agriculture explores the policy options available to governments that wish to promote a conversion to ERA. It concludes that national flexibility is considerable both in terms of legislation, taxation and financial support schemes. For EU member states, there exist a number of little-used possibilities to utilize funding from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to reward farmers for recycling practices.