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Conference Presentations

Resource Efficiency in Ecological Regenerative Agriculture with Dairy Production
IDF World Dairy Summit, Vilnius, Lithuania, September 2015

Conference Manager: Piercristiano Brazzale – Brazzale Spa Company, Orrero a.s. (Italy) Representative of the local Organising Committee: Laima Česonienė – Aleksandras Stulginskis University (Lithuania)

Session 4 – Closing the Nutritional Gap with Sustainable Dairy Increasing Resource Efficiency in Dairy Production: Analysis Along the Supply Chain

Presentation by Artur Granstedt : Migration of Nutrients in the Environment of the European Dairy Sector

Soils and the Food We Eat, May 19-21, 2015
(with support from Stockholms Läns Landsting).
A high level BERAS conference in Ytterjärna, Södertälje, Sweden

Presentations from May 19th:

Jostein Hertwig – CEO, BERAS International

Agr Dr Artur Granstedt – Ecological Regenerative Agriculture (ERA)

Dr Jackie Swartz – Organic/biodynamic diet and allergic sensitization in childhood

Presentations from May 20th:

Gunnar Rundgren, Co-Author of the 2013 UN Report “Wake up before it is too late –
make agriculture truly sustainable now for food security in a changing climate”.

Agr Dr Artur Granstedt – Ecological Regenerative Agriculture (ERA)

Dr. S. Natarajan/Dr. K. Perumal (India) – BERAS International outlook- India

Dr. César López (Dominican Republic) – The Caribbean Region

Johan Ununger, CEO Saltå Kvarn & board member, Organic Sweden –
Business sector approach to the Diet for a Green Planet concept

Helena Nordlund, the Diet Unit, Södertälje Municipality –
Transformation of public meals – food as a driver for sustainable development

Sara Jervfors, Head of the Diet Unit, Södertälje Municipality –
Transformation of public meals – food as a driver for sustainable development

Presentations from May the 21st:

C B Kavishe – Agriculture in Babati – Tanzania
C B Kavishe – The Food Chain in Babati – Tanzania

Father Clement – Soil to Oil Model Farming – India

ISS Sevapur – India

Lucas Dengel – EcoPro Auroville – India

Mahesh Melvin – the Nilgirish _ India

S Seshadri – IFTR – India

Sangita Kamath – DGP in Bangalore Steiner School – Indi

X International Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Congress – 2014
In Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic.

BERAS presentations:

Jostein Hertwig – 13 June 2014
Agr Dr Artur Granstedt – 13 June 2014