Building competence for organic agriculture as a key part of sustainable food society is a thematic partnership financed by Swedish InstituteThe project has 10 partners in Sweden, Lithuania and Belarus.

The aim of the project is to establish a sustainable cooperation and exchange between Sweden, Lithuania and Belarus in building up organic agriculture, Sustainable Food Societies and Ecological Regenerative Agriculture. The conversion of the food system to sustainable practices is a necessary condition for diminishing loss of nitrogen and phosphorus from agriculture to the Baltic Sea to ecologically sustainable levels and at the same time retaining capacity to provide food for the inhabitants in the area and for sustainable development in the countryside. The link Sweden-Lithuania-Belarus is one important axis in this work.

Project time: 2013-01-01 – 2015-12-31

Read more at the projects own webbpage in English and Russian.

Lead partner: Biodynamic Research Institute, Sweden.

Contact: hans.von.essen(at)