FARMERS UNIVERSITY EXCHANGE PROGRAM – Summary of idea             

Project period : 2015.11.20 – 2016.11.20


The purpose is to create a new international education in Ecological Regenerative Agriculture (ERA), based in the Baltic Sea Region. The education is thought to have entry points for active farmers, farm workers and youth (especially agronomy students and young persons who plan to become farmers or to have a career within agriculture) who seek a deeper understanding of ERA and ecology where practice and theory is well integrated and where each course is directly linked to solving real problems on farms that are in development towards improved performance in terms of climate change mitigation, less losses of plant nutrients and preservation of biodiversity.

The education in its whole is thought as a life long learning, but this project is focused on building up a practice based course for youth and at the same time an adapted education to the farmer hosts.

The expected result is to make a long term plan including an ERASMUS+ application and to integrate in EUSBSR.






Interviews were made with applying students and seven of them were selected for the internship on a Swedish organic farm in the Farmers University Practice Course 2016 which runs april – september 2016.

An expert meeting with the FUEP partners from Sweden, Lithuania and Belarus – plus a new partner represented by Maxim Nikonov, International Information Centre in Kiev, Ukraine – was held. The main theme was adapting student preparation and selection to practical farm needs and preparing future joint projects.

Article about the 11/11 2015 meeting in Grodno – in Russian

Article about the meeting in Grodno 2-4/3 2016 – in Russian

Article about the FUEP project – in Russian

Article about  “The yearly meeting of the organic farmers” in Sweden,
the 14-15th of march, 2016 – in Russian



BERAS has the latest years contributed to introduce organic agriculture and food to Belarus. This with support from “The Swedish Institute”, “The Organic Farmers”, in Sweden, and “The Farmers Youth´s association”, in Sweden, and our partners in Lithuania and Belarus.




Article: One of the FUPC 2016 practicants, Zhenya Svorobovich, wrote an article about his first experience of his practice.


Do you want to join the project and help develop a national or local strategy?prat

Or do you represent an agriculture advice, training or education institution and wish to join?

Or do you plan an international project application and wish to include elements of Farmers University?

Please read: Farmers University for farmers and youth concept paper 150601
Contact: hans.von.essen(at)beras.eu



Farmers University Exchange Program (FUEP PI) is a “Projekt Initiering” (PI) financed by The Swedish Institute.

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