BERAS International Foundation was established in 2015 and will have as its scope research, conceptual development, implementation of good examples, communication and education for the whole food chain from farmer to consumer.

Our work is based on methods and concepts developed through longstanding research and practical experience
related to:

  • Ecological Regenerative Agriculture (ERA) recirculates renewable resources within the farm or between farms in cooperation. Closed nutrient cycles are created through the integration of animal husbandry with a balanced crop rotation, including leguminous plants.
  • Sustainable Food Societies (SFS) stimulating food chain integration from farmer to consumer as well as between the private and public sectors and research.
  • Diet for a Green Planet (DGP) based on principles of organic, nutritious, local and seasonally available foods with lower meat consumption and strategies to cut food waste.

This work is carried out within a network of partners with representatives from research institutes, universities, local authorities, extension services, farmers’ associations, environmental organisations, social banks, food companies and farms.

The secretariat of the Foundation is located in Södertälje, Sweden.

BERAS International Network Agreement

To a large extent the BERAS concepts of Ecological Regenerative Agriculture (ERA), Sustainable Food Societies (SFS) and Diet for a Green Planet (DGP) are general applicable concepts and ideas and we encourage the formation of self-organizing BERAS network in regions outside the Baltic Sea.

Download: BERAS International Network Agreement