We work with agriculture and food systems that can feed the world while simultaneously strengthen the carrying capacity of our ecosystems and preserve biodiversity for future generations. Our goal is to transform the agriculture and food systems to be part of the solution instead of causing problems.
We are Building Ecological Regenerative Agriculture and Societies – BERAS.

BERAS International Network

Based on two EU projects aiming to save the environment of the Baltic Sea, we are a partnership from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia and Norway. Among the partners are national and local authorities, universities and research institutes, advisory services, ecological and environmental NGOs, farmers’ organisations, food chain actors and finance institutions.

This broad spectrum of competences allows the forming of partnership constellations for different project purposes. Our goal is to jointly develop, demonstrate and communicate sustainable food systems in practice that are well anchored in scientific research, and this way contribute with a basis for the necessary systemic shift in food systems. To support and coordinate the network BERAS International Foundation was established in 2015 with a secretariat function based in Södertälje, Sweden.