Kurser och föredrag
Efter det framgångsrika samarbetet med Södertälje kommun om Östersjövänlig Mat – mat som leder till ett friskare Östersjön, kan vi nu stolt erbjuda föredrag och kurser i Östersjövänlig Mat.


Artur Granstedt vinnare av Utstickarpriset 2015
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 Artur utstickarpriset


Building Ecological Regenerative Agriculture and Societies

BERAS International works with agriculture and food systems that can feed the world while strengthening the carrying capacity of our ecosystems and preserving biodiversity for future generations. We combine research, innovation and entrepreneurship to develop and implement ecological alternatives for the whole food chain from farmer to consumer.

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BERAS at IFOAM conference Organic 3.0:
The Next Phase of Organic Development – Visions, Trends and Innovations, Goesan County, South Korea

The conference examined how the organic sector can and should evolve to meet the challenges of sustaining human society in an ecologically and socially responsible way.  BERAS International was represented by Jostein Hertwig, Managing Director, who also held one of the main speeches.

Jostein Hertwig handing over the Diet for a Clean Baltic Handbook to students from Jungwon University in Goesan County.

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BERAS Implementation (2010-2013)
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